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Robert Blagojevich: I'm Now Sympathetic to Barry Bonds



    The elder Blagojevich brother says he's now "pro-defendant" and says the presumption of innocence is something America seems to give up too easily. (Published Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010)

    Robert Blagojevich says the ordeal of being indicted by the federal government has made him more sympathetic to Barry Bonds.

    Hours after the federal government announced that it was dropping the charges against the him, the elder brother of Illinois' most-recent felonious governor said that when it comes to government prosecutions, he's "so pro-defendant, it's unbelievable."

    "I never thought much about Barry Bonds being hounded on steroids, other than he used steroids, but now, you know, the government's going after him, and I'm kind of sympathetic to Barry Bonds, having been in my position.  It's kind of a weird thing," he said.

    "The presumption of innocence is an all-powerful presumption, and we too quickly give that up when someone is charged by the government.  The government's not always right.  I would say, 'It's the government.  They're not right,'" he continued.

    Bonds, the all-time home run record holder, has been charged with obstruction of justice surrounding his use of steroids.  He claimed he had no knowledge that substances given to him by his trainer included performance enhancers.  His trial is expected to begin next spring.