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Rahm Emanuel: Too Big to Fail?



    Rahm Emanuel: Too Big to Fail?
    Rahm Emanuel & Richard Daley

    Hollywood cash.  A year-round tan.  Gifting dead fish.

    Given those clues, one could only be talking about Rahm Emanuel, of course.

    In a nearly three minute track posted to YouTube, the oft-political Blue State Cowboys suggest that Mayor Richard Daley and Emanuel hatched a City Hall transition plan to keep the Democratic Machine running.

    "You wanna play ball, put a check in the mail," read the first-person lyrics.

      I got rockstar money. 
      I can buy my own island.
      My family wants Thai food, I take 'em to Thailand.
      Stay off of my court.  I'm playing a blood sport.
      What up, Winnetka? Bye bye Bridgeport!
      No need to vote.  I will prevail.
      I got Hollywood cash.
      I'm too big to fail.

    Emanuel, the front-runner in the race for mayor of Chicago, has been criticized in the past for running off to Hollywood for fundraisers hosted by his talent agent brother and has spoken publicly about his tan

    It's also been said that he once sent a dead fish to a campaign worker he didn't like.  True or not, it's an interesting tale.  And apparently a good lyric.

    Take a listen:

    Chicago's Blue State Cowboys have other videos posted, including "Radio Blago," "Good King Rich," and "Blagojevich: Pay to Play."