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Rahm: Nobody Gets Anointed Mayor



    Rahm: Nobody Gets Anointed Mayor
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    Emanuel is not so bad.

    Rahm Emanuel said today through a spokesperson that, despite media enthusiasms to the contrary, no one person is anointed mayor and he wouldn't have any special advantage should he choose to run for the office.

    “Rahm doesn’t believe that anyone can be anointed or handed this election," said Emanuel's spokesperson. "Additionally, it’s not up the media or anyone else to anoint someone Mayor -- only the people of Chicago will choose who should be their Mayor."

    Ever since Mayor Daley made his surprise announcement on Tuesday that he wouldn't run for re-election, much media specualtion has been devoted to Emanuel. Emanuel has long coveted the Mayor's office and fueled much media specualtion after he told Charlie Rose in January that he would run if Mayor Daley did not.

    Emanuel's interview with Rose and subsequent media reports led to conjecture that Emanuel was trying to clear the field of competitors before even announcing he would run.

    After Daley made his announcement, Rahm said he was "surprised."

    "Any candidate who aspires to this role will start from zero and need to make the case by going door-to-door; grocery store-to-grocery store; El platform to El platform; fire station to fire station," said Emanuel's spokesperson. "The voters of Chicago will be able to sort through what matters and what doesn’t and they will make their decision based on an assessment of a person’s capabilities to represent and fight for them.”

    Though a national figure, Emanuel would still need to build a workable coalition to win a majority of votes. Luckily for Emanuel, he's a Machine guy.