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Quinn Has a Rahm Problem

Wednesday's State of the State address is an opportunity to governor to shine



    Pat Quinn, our governor, has many problems.

    One of them is Rahm Emanuel, our mayor.

    The former has approval ratings, according to a Paul Simon Policy Institute poll last October, in the miserable mid-30s. The latter could have double those numbers, depending upon whose internal surveys you trust.

    Emanuel, in his short time as mayor, has shown just how aggressively he, unlike former Mayor Richard M. Daley, is willing to twist the arms of lawmakers in Springfield to get what he wants for the city he runs. Including, last session, a gaming package that Quinn refused to swallow whole.

    Still, Emanuel has won glowing press for most of his initiatives, most of the time. Quinn, not hardly.

    Now comes Wednesday’s State of the State address.

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