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Kirk: Congress Should Reconvene, Cut More



    Kirk: Congress Should Reconvene, Cut More

    President Barack Obama should call his economic advisors and reconvene Congress to work out additional spending cuts to earn back the nation's just-reduced credit rating, Sen. Mark Kirk said Friday night.

    "I think Congress should have gone further with the Gang of 6 plan that both Senator [Richard] Durbin and I were backing that would have cut $4.5 trillion from expected borrowing instead of $2.5 [billion], which is the final plan," said Kirk.

    Standard & Poor's downgraded the U.S.' top-notch credit rating from AAA to AA+ for the first time in history Friday night. The ratings agency blamed Washington dysfunction, saying the compromised debt plan "falls short" of what is necessary to lower the country's record $14.3 deficit.

    Kirk said he wasn't surprised by the S&P's action, adding that the group was "fairly consistent" in its Congressional testimony that it wanted to see a big reduction in spending.

    Still, Kirk said the nation can recover for its first-ever downgrade."

    "Absolutely.  We've seen other countries make the hard choices that cut spending and earn back a credit rating," he said. "This can be done.  And it needs to be done."