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Quinn + Rahm = New BFFs

Pair make policy progress after private sit-down chat earlier this week



    They may both be Democrats, but Gov. Pat Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have had a rather icy co-existence.

    Until Friday.

    There was a new spirit of cooperation as they held a joint news conference. It was as if they were saying, "No you go first. No you go ahead."

    It was only three weeks ago -- election night at McCormick Place -- when the two clearly avoided each other. Their aides wouldn’t even entertain the idea of both appearing together for a victory night television appearance.

    So what happened to thaw the chill?

    Ward Room has learned Quinn and Emanuel had a private sit-down together this past Monday. The two met for more than an hour -- not at either of their offices -- but a neutral location. Each brought just one aide (you do need witnesses).

    Emanuel had Tom Hynes. Quinn had Chief of Staff Jack Lavin. How the conversation went only those four know. But after Quinn pulled rank by naming his choice to the Illinois Sports Facilities Board, despite Emanuel’s objections, it was time for a kumbaya.

    So at their "can’t we all just get along" Monday meeting, might there have been a few obscenities? Just as sure as there were a few "Land of Lincolns."

    But there is love in the air. Already Friday afternoon, the governor quickly signed the legislation the mayor wanted to delay an announcement on school closures.

    Additionally, the pair have a new understanding on gaming expansion. The mayor is far more specific that the money will go for education, and he’s on board for banning campaign contributions from those with gaming interests. That was always on Quinn’s wish list.

    Officially they spoke of "shared priorities."

    Anyone want to take bets on how soon a new drama will develop between two?