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Chico Has an iPhone App, But It's Poor



    Chico Has an iPhone App, But It's Poor

    Miguel del Valle may have been first to announce his candidacy, first to have a campaign website and the first to cast his ballot during early voting, but he wasn't first with a mobile app.

    That distinction goes to Gery Chico, albeit with a very weak attempt.

    The basic application, built for the iPhone and iPod Touch, apparently went live toward the end of January.

    The user can do three things with Chico's app:  view his public schedule (which doesn't appear to be accurate), follow him on Twitter (though notifications aren't built into the app and there's no way to retweet items) and view photos (but there are no captions, so good luck trying to figure out what the event was or what's going on.)

    So, yeah -- he's got one.  But so what?

    Screenshots of app: