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Police Evaluating Security Detail for Daley in Retirement



    Police Evaluating Security Detail for Daley in Retirement
    Richard Daley says his wife is "doing very well" after surgery.

    Mayor Richard Daley on Thursday defended a request that would provide him with round-the-clock personal security upon his departure from office.

    He said he's faced threats throughout career and said the safety of his family comes first.

    "I have been mayor for 22 years. ... Former mayors received security," he said.  "The police department will handle that for me."

    There are conflicting reports as to whether Daley requested the detail or if it was offered, as is the number of bodyguards he would receive.

    Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed reported that as many as five bodyguards were wanted.  The report also said that two vehicles were requested; one for himself and the other for his wife, Maggie. 

    Daley said he's not driven since 1980.

    Regardless, police officials confirm they're looking into the security possibility.

    "The department is currently evaluating the need to provide a security detail for the mayor after May 16,” said Lt. Maureen Biggane, a police spokeswoman, according to CBS Chicago.  "A final determination has not been reached."

    Former Mayor Jane Byrne told the Sun-Times that she was neither offered nor received bodyguards after she served her single term.

    "I expected it to end, and it did. Once you leave, you leave. You have to take care of yourself. You’re no longer mayor,” Byrne is quoted as saying.

    It was revealed last week that Daley will also begin collecting his $184,000/year pension on May 17, the day after he leaves office.