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One-on-One With Mayor Daley



    One-on-One With Mayor Daley

    In a rare one-on-one interview during his final week in office, Mayor Richard Daley opened up about his love of Chicago, his successes and failures and what he hopes for the city in the future.

    Outgoing Mayor Richard Daley discusses China and how the United States seems to fear competition.


    Mayor Richard Daley says he has no regrets about the city's parking meter deal, other than flaws with its implementation, and he says privatization can help city's provide more cost-effective services.


    Mayor Richard Daley says he has no regrets about Chicago's Olympic bid because it introduced the city to a world that often overlooked it.


    Mayor Richard Daley talks about his former police superintendant and how he believes he'll ultimately be viewed positively.


    Mayor Richard Daley says his administration has instilled a "culture of learning," but said the work to provide a great education for children is far from over.


    Mayor Richard Daley says that under the Burnham Plan, the lakefront belongs to the people, and he says Millennium Park has become the envy of many cities.


    Mayor Richard Daley talks about his wife's passion for her program, After School Matters.


    Mayor Richard Daley says he doesn't know exactly what's in his future -- possibly writing a book? -- but says the discipline he has in life won't end.