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Clinton: Give Us Two More Years



    Former President Bill Clinton rallies Democrats at the Palmer House, describing the differences in the narratives between Democrats and Republicans. He asks voters to give Democrats two more years to improve the nation. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010)

    Former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday said that given the challenges, he believes Democrats have done a good job over the last two years and deserve to remain the dominant party.

    "That's a total of four [years] to get us out of the hole and get us into the future.  That's half as much time as you gave [Republicans] to dig the hole.  Seems fair to us.  Give us two more years," he said.

    Clinton's remarks at the Palmer House  -- which were open to the public but began nearly 90 minutes late due to some time spent with a VIP crowd  -- were met with raucus applause from the hundreds of people who turned out.

    He urged Democratic activists to use that enthusiasm and put it to work for those running for office, either by changing minds or swelling the electorate.

    "They estimate there will be a drop of 25 percent in the overall total, but the Hispanic total will go down 35 percent, the African-American total will go down 40 percent and the youth vote will drop 55 percent.  Now, if you make all three of those things wrong and you and you move them back to the same 25 percent that the overall electorate is, all these people will win comfortable victories.  it's up to you."

    Clinton's visit highlighted several Illinois races, including Alexi Giannoulias' run for the U.S. Senate and the Congressional races for Deb Halvorson, Bill Foster and Dan Seals.