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The Mayoral Race Is Like Vegas, and Other Profundities



    Mayoral hopefuls Gery Chico and Maria Pappas both say inclusiveness is all part of their campaigns. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010)

    Whether its Gery Chico, who was once Mayor Richard Daley's Chief of Staff and President of the Board of Education, or Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas, who spearheaded the modernization of her office, it's all about coalition-building as they plot strategy as they contemplate the race for mayor of Chicago.

    Chico can't rely on only Latinos. Pappas can't say only women will put her over the edge.  Right now they are in the strategy stage in their bid for mayor. 

    Neither have officially announced but both are strongly leaning that way.

    Chico said it's not just about vision, but "people have to believe you have to have the wherewithall to deliver on it."   He expects the race will cost more than $4 million and believes he can raise the funds needed.

    Pappas -- without saying the name Rahm Emanuel -- took on the oft-mentioned potential candidate.

    "I'm not someone who just showed up on the scene and messed up Washington and is now saying, 'Let me fix Chicago.'  That's not happening here," she said. 

    With perhaps as many as a dozen candidates, Pappas adds: "This race is almost like Las Vegas.  The dice get rolled.  Anything can happen."