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Moseley Braun: Maybe I Could Do More Than Sell Organic Tea



    Moseley-Braun: I've Been Approached, But I'm Still Considering

    Former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun says she's considering a run, but the decision isn't something you just make at a moment's notice. (Published Friday, Sept. 17, 2010)

    Former Senator Carol Mosely Braun is still being cagey about her decision to run for the Mayor's job.

    Moseley Braun, who's been out of politics since 1999, says she's been contacted by numerous people about getting back into politics and she admits she is considering her options.

    Moseley Braun has scheduled a news conference for Monday to announce her decision. Sources close to her have reported that she is likely to run.

    "If I can make a difference, then perhaps there is another role besides me selling organic coffee and tea," she said while touring her alma mater, Robeson High School in Englewood. The one-time ambassador to New Zealand is the current owner of Good Food Organics.
    Braun said like everyone else, she was surprised by Mayor Daley's decision not to seek another term. The third-generation Chicagoan calls the decision to run for momentous.

    "You can’t just wake up and look in the mirror one morning and think 'I should be the next fill in the blank,'" she said. While avoiding political questions, Braun did often talk in political terms, reminding reporters that, "at the end of the day, its about government ... people need to be mindful always of that."