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Blago Jurors Question Discrepancy in Transcript



    Blago Jurors Question Discrepancy in Transcript
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    With expletives flying and scandals unfolding, Blago jurors began listening to the FBI tapes from start to finish.

    The parties in Rod Blagojevich's retrial were back in court Tuesday for a brief time because of a jury question.

    During their deliberations, jurors noted a discrepancy in the binders that hold transcripts to the former governor's secretly-recorded telephone conversations.  In some binders, the transcript for tape No. 50 totaled five pages.  In other binders, it took up nine pages.

    Judge James Zagel called the issue "insignificant" and asked a court security officer to remove the extra pages from the errant binders.

    Tape No. 50 dealt with a Nov. 14, 2008 phone call between Blagojevich and his brother, Robert Blagojevich.  In it, Robert Blagojevich revealed to his brother that there is an overture from the Indian-American community on behalf of Jesse Jackson Jr.

    The jury question may show how far along they are on the tapes, if they are going in order.

    Jurors went home at 4 p.m., completing their third day of deliberations.