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The Jaded Man's Dictionary of Blago Slang



    Rod Blagojevich is no longer our governor. He’s no longer even a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. By the end of this year, he may not be a free man anymore.

    But he is a part of the English language. Like Vidkun Quisling or the Marquis de Sade, Blagojevich’s name has inspired a host of words that describe dishonest, self-centered, anti-social behavior. It may be his lasting contribution to the world.

    Here are some of the highlights from the Blaglossary that Rod has inspired, culled from both the Urban Dictionary and political sites.

    -verb (used without object)
    To grift or commit tacky crimes for pecuniary gain. Including, but not limited to, shaking down contributors and selling political offices.

    Of, like, or befitting of Rod Blagojevich. Being or acting in accordance with the principles of unpropitious deeds. From the Onion’s AV Club review of Lower Learning: “Corddry sells grades, commands an army of pint-sized flunkies and henchmen, snorts cocaine, guzzles expensive liquor and plots to have the school shutdown as part of a sinister scheme of downright Blagojevichian evil.”

    Coined on Capitol Fax in 2006, when readers were asked for one word to describe Illinois. Also: Blago-crupt. And Blagojevichburg. And "sold".

    Awful, even by the standards of Rod’s behavior. The title of a 2008 column by Victor Davis Hanson, which includes this delicious paragraph: And then there is the Mafioso braggadocio of pure, unadulterated crudity: four-letter words, pomposity, no inhibition about admitting lust for money, gratuitous slurs about everything and everybody, constant threats, an entire family to dine at the table of greed. Blagojevich is something out of Dante’s Eighth Circle of Hell, a modern-day Malacoda in the 5th bolgia. One must resort either to Al Capone’s Chicago or the villains of classical literature to match these transcripts.

    The well-moused rat's coife atop Rod's head.

    To incessantly bleat about one's innocence, despite all evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) to the contrary. Also used to describe Rod's wife, but not by us.

    If you see yourself as innocent when the rest of the world thinks you’re guilty, you have Blagojevision.

    Extremely valuable. “This thing is f------ Blagolden!”

    Something that’s good for Rod, if not the rest of Illinois. Used to describe Rod’s book deal, and referenced by Richard Roeper of the Sun-Times in one of his more amusing Rod tidbits.

    An all-encompassing term for Rod’s world, or the world he has created by constantly appearing in the news and providing the media opportunities to cover him.

    Revolving around Rod, much like this blog post.

    They can take away Rod's job, and take away his freedom, but they can't stop people from calling each other "Blagojebitch."