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Emanuel Criticized by Chief of Staff Successor



    Emanuel Criticized by Chief of Staff Successor

    When he worked in The White House, Rahm Emanuel was a prolific leaker of information who wasn't as well-liked as people now say.

    That's the criticism from current White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley in a published interview with Politico.

    Daley said Emanuel was using the job in the West Wing as a stepping stone to something else:

    "I’m not reflecting on Rahm, but I’m not angling for something else, you know? Rahm is a lot younger], and he knew he was going to be doing something else in two years or four years or eight years, and I’m in a different stage. I’m not going to become the leaker in chief."

    Indeed, after two years as Chief of Staff, Emanuel resigned from the post and was later elected mayor of Chicago.

    Daley didn't mince words when Politico's Roger Simon mentioned talk that Emanuel was a better Chief of Staff to the president.

    "It’s pathetic, isn’t it?” Daley responds, laughing.

    Rahm wouldn’t say it, said Simon.

    "Rahm would say it!” Daley says. "Maybe I missed it — I wasn’t here the first two years — but I don’t think Rahm was as beloved (as people now say.)"

    Read the full interview for Daley's thoughts on Obama being a one-term president and his ongoing battles with Congress.