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Bill Daley to White House?



    Bill Daley to White House?
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    William Daley

    William Daley, the former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and brother of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, is being considered for a high-level White House post, possibly Chief of Staff, sources tell NBC News.

    No offer has yet been made, but Daley, who lives in Chicago and is an executive at JPMorgan Chase, reportedly met with the president at the White House last month.

    There's been no comment from the White House or Daley regarding the consideration, which was first reported Monday by Bloomberg News.

    "I’m not going to comment on personnel speculation," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told Bloomberg via email. 

    Pete Rouse is currently the acting Chief of Staff for the White House.  He assumed the role in October, after Rahm Emanuel stepped down to make a run for mayor of Chicago.  

    Rouse is also being considered to keep the post permanently, sources say.

    Daley made his name in politics as a special counsel to then-President Bill Clinton, coordinating the successful campaign to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement and then serving as Clinton's commerce secretary. Later, he ran Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign and the historic recount effort that ended with Gore conceding the race to George W. Bush.

    Daley went into business after that race, and is now Midwest chairman of JPMorgan Chase. He has often been mentioned as a potential candidate for governor or senator in Illinois but never actually jumped in.

    When Obama launched his presidential campaign, the Daley family put aside its deep connections to Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton and endorsed the young Illinois senator. Until then, Obama and the Daleys had largely operated separately in Illinois politics -- not helping each other much but not attacking either.

    After Obama's victory, Daley helped oversee the presidential transition.