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Daley Still Not Sure if He'll Take on Quinn

Bill Daley says he's got a lot to consider before he makes a decision on the 2014 governor's race



    The Illinois governor's race is a year away, and while he hasn't made a decision, Bill Daley says he's very interested and may run. Mary Ann Ahern reports. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013)

    Former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley says he still hasn't made up his mind about a potential run for the governor's office.

    "I'm no further than what I've said publicly," he said Tuesday at the Misercordia Home breakfast.

    "I'm doing a lot of things that go into making a decision," said the son and brother of two former Chicago mayors. "I'm talking to a lot of friends and elected officials and people that involved in community activities and getting their sense of what they think is needed and whether or not, in the end, I think I can add something to the debate. As I've said repeatedly, Pat Quinn is a very decent and honest guy who came in at a time time but has been there for 12 years as the number one or number two elected official in the state and one has to look and say, 'What's happened in those 12 years?'"

    Daley said he's got a lot to consider before he makes a decision on the 2014 race but said he hasn't traveled to other key cities in Illinois and hasn't done any fundraising.

    “For those outside politics, it's very easy to criticize. These are tough issues. They're tough times. It's a brutal job and a brutal existence," he said.

    Daley appeared with President Barack Obama's former campaign strategist, David Axelrod, in front of hundreds at the annual fundraising event. He said last month that he was "seriously" considering a challenge to Gov. Pat Quinn but was "a ways off" on any decisions.

    Bill Daley Considering Run for Governor

    [CHI] Bill Daley Considering Run for Governor
    To a packed crowd at the City Club of Chicago on Thursday, the former White House Chief of Staff spoke of what he's learned from other leaders, including his father and his brother. Mary Ann Ahern reports.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012)

    Axelrod, a friend to both Daley and Quinn, said Daley's consideration to run shows just "how fluid the current political climate is.

    "It's a good time for me to go to academia," said Axelrod.

    The 57-year-old announced a year ago that his next endeavor in life would be heading the new Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago.

    Daley pounced on the comment, taking a jab at his friend of roughly 35 years.

    "You can't hide," he said.

    Quinn announced in November that he'd be making another run for the state's top job. Besides Quinn, Attorney General Lisa Madigan is rumored to be considering a bid along with potential GOP candidates who include state Treasurer Dan Rutherford, Sen. Kirk Dillard, Sen. Bill Brady, Rep. Aaron Schock and businessman Bruce Rauner.

    Misercordia provides continual care for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Axelrod's daughter lives with epilepsy and is a resident at the center.