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Brady: Illinois GOP Leads Nation in Phone Calls



    Brady: Illinois GOP Leads Nation in Phone Calls
    Christian Farr

    The tiny storefront at 2768 North Lincoln was humming this morning with two dozen people phone banking for the Republicans.
    This is one of 16 Victory sites around the state which have been up and running since June.

    "We've stayed under the radar until now," said Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady.  "But we lead every other state in the number of phone calls we've made -- 4.4 million.  And we've identified 2.5 million Republican voters."

    The phones in this paperless center are small computers in which the caller can push a button, log a "yes" or "no" or "already voted"
    response to whether they fall into the GOP column.

    The data is immediately uplinked, collected, analyzed, and refined to further target people the Republicans can get to the polls.
    "I'm used to losing," said Brady.  But, he believes, he won't need to be used to anything but winning this year.

    The victory effort is being overseen by Congressman John Shimkus' project director, Rodney Davis, who set up these centers with $440,000 from the Republican National Committee.

    "I hate losing," said Davis with a smile this morning.

    He and Brady say they expect a late -- but very good -- Tuesday night.