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Stone Fires Back at Emanuel



    Ald. Stone (50th) takes Rahm Emanuel to task for a couple of political advertisements, saying the mayor-elect has been disingenuous. (Published Friday, April 1, 2011)

    Ald. Berny Stone (50th) may have support from powerful aldermen like Ed Burke (14th) and Richard Mell (33rd), but mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is putting his money challenger Debra Silverstein.

    That's got Stone fighting back.

    At a midday press event Friday, Stone said campaign mailers which claim he turned his back on veterans aren't true.

    The mailers were paid for by Emanuel's political action committee.

    "Our mayor-elect has shown bad judgement," he said.

    He said other fliers, pointing our Stone's support of the parking meter privatization deal, are especially upsetting.

    "Had I to do it again today, I wouldn't have voted for the meter ordinance because all the facts were not known by us at the time we voted for the meter ordinance," he said.

    Stone said Emanuel was being "hypocritical" by calling Stone out on his vote while Emanuel collects money from the lobbyists and lawyers behind the deal.

    An Emanuel aid said the alderman's press event was merely a call for attention.

    Earlier this week, Stone attended a State Board of Election hearing over allegations he's been using a secret campaign fund  that may violate the state's new campaign finance laws.