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Jon Stewart Mocks Rep. Schock and His Instagram Account

"While this may all be unethical, I got to admit, it looks really fun to be this guy"



    Jon Stewart Mocks Rep. Schock and His Instagram Account

    Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock has made headlines across the country lately, and on Wednesday night he and his Instagram account made another one ... on "The Daily Show."

    Before revealing Schock's incriminating Instagram photos, Jon Stewart introduced his audience to the representative with a new segment he called "Pride Goeth Before the Fall," in which he discussed Schock's "Downton Abbey"-inspired office. Schock was then shown responding with a quote from a popular pop singer: "As Taylor Swift says, haters gonna hate."

    Stewart had a rebuttal to Schock's remark, too: "But also auditors are gonna audit, indicters are gonna indict, and voters are gonna vote."

    Schock came under fire earlier this year when the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics filed a complaint asking the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate whether the 33-year-old congressman violated House rules by accepting free interior decoration services and using campaign funds to pay for office furniture.

    Most recently, an Associated Press investigation found that Schock spent taxpayer money and campaign funds on flights aboard private planes owned by key donors. The investigation also shed light on some outlandish travel expenses and entertainment charges.

    Stewart pointed out the sold-out Katy Perry concert in Washington last June where Schock took his interns. He also highlighted the nearly $1,500 "fundraising event entertainment" charge at a Baltimore massage parlor, which was paid for by a PAC associated with the representative.

    "The Daily Show" segment ended with a slideshow of Schock's Instagram photos, which the Associated Press used in their investigation to track Schock's flight records.

    The photos Stewart selected show Schock traveling all over the world partaking in adventure activities, like zip lining, surfing and sky diving.

    "While this may all be unethical, I got to admit, it looks really fun to be this guy," Stewart said.

    The segment ended with a suggestion from Stewart about a future career path for Schock, just in case the recent controversies spell the end of his congressional career.

    "If this Congress thing doesn't work out, shake it off, because you would obviously make an awesome travel channel host," Stewart said.

    The Legend of Aaron Schock GrowsThe Legend of Aaron Schock Grows

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