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Your Move, Chicago



    Your Move, Chicago
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    At last, the playing field is officially set.

    Following yesterday's Supreme Court decision putting Rahm Emanuel back in the mayoral race for good, the election countdown is on. Early voting starts Monday, and yes, the ballots are good to go. 

    "The printing has moved ahead steadily, working all three shifts since Tuesday," said Langdon D. Neal, chairman of the Chicago Election Board, in a statement.

    More than 1 million ballots already have been printed, with more on the way. "It's good to have certainty," Neal said.

    The candidates feel the same way. 

    "With less than 30 days to go until Election Day, there is no time to waste," Gery Chico said in a statement response to what he called "Emanuel's residency drama" on Thursday.

    "Game on."

    Are residents ready?

    Some wonder whether Chico, Carol Moseley Braun and Miguel del Valle can surpass Emanuel's popularity at this point in the race, and others aren't sure residents can even identify the other candidates.

    "I don't think the majority of people know who they are," Jennifer Ramirez wrote on's Facebook page in response to who won the first televised mayoral debate on Thursday.

    Only votes will tell.