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"You have a web site up don't you? Oh, it's not up yet?"



    "You have a web site up don't you? Oh, it's not up yet?"

    That's Don Wade, of Don Wade and Roma fame, asking highly organized pawn star Scott Lee Cohen this morning about his potential bid for governor.

    Because when you abdicate your candidacy for a lower office (during the Super Bowl!), the best strategy is non-announcing your candidacy for an even higher one. And probably during an equally appropriate time. Like, during the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup trophy ceremony.

    Some of you might say the hockey playoffs are in June, which is too late for Cohen to start running and collect signatures. But Ward Room says that's not the forethought that's gotten Cohen this far!

    Other revelations on Don Wade and Roma this morning: He's considering a run for governor, and he wouldn't raise taxes...at least not at first.

    "I would never advocate for a tax hike," Cohen said, before saying he would advocate for a tax hike. "Illinois...It's just like a tire that has a slow leak, and what do you have to do, you have to keep filling it up, filling it up, filling it up. Let me cut the waste and corruption first. After that, if we really need a tax increase. But not until we end the waste and corruption."

    If/when Cohen decides to run, he'll also be announcing his Lieutenant Governor choice.

    "I have not talked to Art Turner," Cohen says. "And the biggest reason why is, I'll be very honest, I'm a political outsider...I don't believe that Art Turner and I would share the same views on cutting the wasteful spending and corruption ... I don't want to say who I'm considering out of fairness to them."

    Cohen said when he decides to make an annoucement, he'll hold a press conference. Go Blackhawks!