"Y’know, just the parts the teabaggerazzi hate" - NBC Chicago
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"Y’know, just the parts the teabaggerazzi hate"



    Following the health care bill's passage, several states want the bill declared unconstitutional -- and GOP'ers want Illinois' AG Lisa Madigan to join in the fight.

    So a few state reps sent her a letter.

    Notice, says Rich Miller on Capitol Fax, that Mark Kirk wasn't among the letter writers, even though he promised to "lead the effort" to repeal the law.

    Several commenters on the post say Kirk's making the right decision to stear clear.

    "None of the MOCs who signed on to the letter have a tough race in November," noted Team Sleep. "Kirk most certainly does."

    And from Rob N.: "So the Republicans who keep whining about the state’s red ink want the state’s Attorney General to waste the state’s money tilting at the GOP’s anti-Obama windmills? I realize the GOP will simply oppose Obama no matter what but cognitive dissonance much?

    "The “ObamaCare” legislation [Obama] just signed is very much like policies the GOP of not-so-long-ago proposed as it is. Even Kirk’s titular campaign lead John Cornyn is saying the GOP shouldn’t repeal all of it just some ambiguous “some of it” … y’know, just the parts the teabaggerazzi hate … (which seems to be all of it)."