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Why Wisconsin Dems Should Go Home



    Dear Wisconsin Democrats,

    Suck it up and go back home.

    Is it awful that the state is about to strip public workers of the ability to unionize? Yes. Is running away to Illinois the solution? No.

    Part of life is getting your rear end handed to you every now and then. You win some, you lose some. In this case, Democrats are going down in flames. It doesn't matter if they cower under their desks or run for the state line.

    If voters are angry, let them vote. You don't think Illinois Republicans are digging into their pockets to toss out Governor Quinn in the next election? States all over the country are making awful decisions to patch their economic holes. Illinois chose to jack up the income tax.

    Consult your history books and come up with an example of the last time running away solved anything.

    Democrats need to dig in their heels and fight in the arena. Sure, they might get run over. But such epic defeats have a way of swinging the pendulum back the other way. The Alamo. The Lusitania. Pearl Harbor.

    Cowardice is unbecoming, even for a politician.