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William Enyart

Democratic Party Candidate for the 12th Congressional District of Illinois



    The Candidate: William 'Bill' Enyart

    The Race: Democratic Party challenger for the 12th Congressional District of Illinois

    The Competition:Jason Plummer

    The Buzz: Major General William L. Enyart is a retired adjutant general and former commander of the Illinois National Guard.

    Enyart's top concerns for his campaign are jobs, social security and Medicare. He believes in small businesses as the basis for building the economy and is a supporter of the use of Illinois coal in generating clean energy rather than the use of foreign oil. He believes the Scott Air Force Base and Southern Illinois University are driving factors of the 12th district's economy.

    As a military commander, Bill was most recently in charge of dispatching more than 500 troops during a February 2011 in-state natural disaster response before retiring in June 2012.