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Will Quinn Approve Roadkill Bill?



    Will Quinn Approve Roadkill Bill?

    The Illinois Senate on Thursday approved a roadkill amendment allowing people to pick up certain dead animals that were "unintentionally killed by a vehicle along a roadway." The legislation now heads to Gov. Pat Quinn's desk for his say-so.

    According to the amendment proposed for House Bill 3178, citizens legally can pick up roadkill and use it for whatever they want, whether it's for using the hides or even, well, eating it.

    Only people with proper license or permits for fur-bearing mammals can retrieve the roadkill, and they only can do it if the season is open for the animal they're taking. 

    Supporters say there's an advantage to this unseeming behavior, which will be added to the state's wildlife bill if Quinn approves it.

    Those who risk car and climate to retrieve the roadkill are saving taxpayers money for someone else to clean it up.

    The bill passed the Senate without opposition.