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Can Robert Shaw Beat Rahm Emanuel in 2015?



    The former Alderman and Cook County Commissioner says he is running against Rahm Emanuel so that the city can be run fairly for its residents. In his press conference, he mentioned school closings, pensions and red light cameras as problems he'd address. (Published Thursday, March 13, 2014)

    Can former Cook County Commissioner Robert Shaw beat Rahm Emanuel for Mayor of Chicago in 2015?

    On Thursday, Shaw became the first politician of note to announce a plan to challenge the ascerbic, incumbent mayor. A woman named Amara Enyia also has a plan to challenge Emanuel.

    Not only will Shaw and Enyia face off against a powerful politician with ties to the White House and Chicago's power elite, they'll also face his $6.2 million campaign war chest

    Shaw who held office as a Cook County Commissioner and Chicago Alderman and now lives in the Hyde-Park Neighborhood. He plans to run against Emanuel's policies, including school closings and inaction on pensions. 

    His past mayoral associations don't inspire a vision of a winner. In 1983 Shaw backed Jane Byrne over Harold Washington and paid politically for his allegience. Last election cycle he advised Carol Moseley Braun on her disastrous candidacy.