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Why Del Valle Declined Rahm



    Why Del Valle Declined Rahm
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    In the wake of the election, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanueloffered an olive branch to Miguel del Valle.

    Emanuel: "Hey, Miguel. Wanna co-chair my transition team?"

    Del Valle: "No thanks."

    This usually is the part in the gangster movie when the snubber gets greased.

    In Defeat, del Valle Continues Progressive Message

    [CHI] In Defeat, del Valle Continues Progressive Message
    "The poorest candidate with the most to offer" concedes the mayor's race but says he remains committed to bringing change to Chicago.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011)

    It's nice to offer a gig to your fallen comrade. It follows the template President Obama used when reaching out to Hillary Clinton: Absorb the candidate and you (theoretically) absorb their supporters. 

    But there's something to be said for holding a grudge.

    In 2015, will anyone remember Miguel del Valle? More importantly, would Miguel del Valle have the political juice to take on an incumbent mayor? The answer is no.

    Rahm Emanuel won the election. There's no point to pander to his fallen victims. He should use the opportunity to salt the earth and burn his enemies to the ground.

    After all, isn't that why you run for mayor in the first place?