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Who Is The Masked @MayorEmanuel?



    Should the fake Rahm Emanuel stand up?

    The real Emanuel is offering a $2,500 reward if the person behind the rogue @MayorEmanuelTwitter account steps forward.

    Until that happens, the fake Emanuel is holding court in Tweetsville, blasting out profanity-laced goofs to nearly 25,000 people. (The real Emanuel only has 7,000 followers.)

    On one hand, $2,500 is nice. And the author of the fake account could bask in the media glow for all of 15 minutes.

    On the other hand, revealing yourself is lame. Remember when KISS showed us what they looked like without makeup? Awful. More awful than KISS normally is, and that's saying something.

    If fake Rahm really wants to make a splash, he should wait until the real guy gets elected, then shake him down for a universal parking pass, a cushy city job and a lucrative contract to build one of those things we pay for but never gets built.

    The ball's in your court, Mr. Impersonator. Play it well.