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What $750,000 Can Buy



    A short list of what $750,000 can pay for (besides dry cleaning bills, Michael Jackson’s hat, footballs signed by presidents, and Rolex watches). 

    -- 468,750 breakfasts for the homeless, consisting of eggs, sausage, hash browns, French toast and coffee (according to the Feeding the Homeless Project).
    -- A year’s rent for 83 two-bedroom apartments at the Jeffrey Apartments in South Shore.
    -- Annual tuition for 28 students at the University of Chicago lab school.
    -- 3,000 refurbished Dell Latitude laptop computers for Chicago Public Schools students. 
    -- 333,333 free rides on the CTA.
    -- Four years’ tuition at Chicago State University for 45 students.
    -- 15 years of child support for his half sister, Ashley
    -- 44,000 white polo shirts and blue pants -- uniforms for Chicago Public Schools students.
    -- A month’s Internet service for 50,000 homes in the 2nd District, which is often called a
    “digital divide” because its residents don’t have access to the World Wide Web.
    -- Seven 1,500 square-foot infill houses in blighted neighborhoods.