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"We properly paid the back-up withholding taxes"



    And the hits just keep on coming. Even the nancy-panted ones.

    llinois' Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias is facing more fallout from his family's troubled Broadway Bank. But it quite likely is not as big a deal as it appears to be. 

    At issue is a $10,204.49 Internal Revenue Service tax lien filed against Broadway for alleged underpayment of money owed, plus interest and penalties. A copy of the lien, which was filed with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds office last September, was provided to me by a political opponent of Mr. Giannoulias.

    The bank denies any wrongdoing or shady practices:

    "We properly paid the back-up withholding taxes back in 2003 and filed a tax return with the IRS," Broadway Chief Financial Officer Kaushik Pancholi said in a statement. "We have been communicating with them about a technical issue concerning whether a small amount of interest was correctly calculated by the government."

    Seems the Kirk campaign leaked a document to Greg Hinz at Crain's which says Broadway owes 10k in taxes. It's a tiny matter, and Greg Hinz says as much.

    Even so, BB has become the Chinese water torture of neverending news.