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What's In Joe Walsh's Letter to Obama



    Sept. 1, 2011: Rep. Joe Walsh rails on President Barack Obama and his upcoming joint session of Congress. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012)

    What was Rep. Joe Walsh doing when the rest of Congress was attending President Obama’s speech on job creation last week? He was here in Illinois, holding a town hall meeting with small business owners -- “the real job creators,” in his words.

    Walsh sent a letter to Obama, outlining what he learned in the meeting. Needless to say, it’s a rebuke of the president and his policies. Here are some of the highlights.

    End burdensome rules and regulations: One small business owner that attended the forum said very simply that “the government’s job is to give us an even playing field…and I can’t play by the rules when you continue to change them.” He is right. New regulations, including the countless number of them in your healthcare reform bill, are punishing small businesses.

    Cut taxes: [T]he U.S. currently has a complex tax code with high rates that makes it even more difficult for small businesses to create jobs and compete in the global market. Our tax code is very difficult for small businesses and start-ups to navigate because few small companies have the resources to employ tax attorneys and accountants for help with taxes. Studies have found that small firms with fewer than 20 employees pay more than $1,200 per employee to comply with tax paperwork and record keeping.

    Rein in government spending:
    Each $1 increase in government spending reduces private-sector investment by between $0.46 and $0.95 after two years and $0.74 and $0.95 after five years…You claimed in 2009 that the $787 billion stimulus package would lower unemployment and get Americans back to work. This did not happen. Unemployment is higher now than when you took office.

    Encourage real American energy production:
    [G]etting rid of “oil and gas subsidies,” which are not subsidies at all but rather standard accounting procedures, will further drive energy jobs out of the country and dramatically increase the price of energy here in the U.S. High energy prices burden small businesses by increasing their costs.

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