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Walsh: Obamacare Will Corrupt Latinos



    In the interest of equal time, we need to let you know what Joe Walsh the congressman was up to while Joe Walsh the rock star was holding a benefit for his opponent at John Barleycorn in Schaumburg.

    Rep. Walsh was a few miles away in Elk Grove Village, holding a Town Hall meeting at which he railed against Democrats, African-Americans, and Republicans, presumably in an effort to win votes from people who don’t fit into any of these categories.

    Walsh repeated his charge that Democrats have made African-Americans dependent on government. This time, though, he said Obamacare is the first step to corrupting Latinos as well.

    “We have a large Hispanic population in this country," Walsh said. "This country, by the year 2030, will be a 50-52 percent Latino country. Halleljuah. These are wonderful, God-fearing, conservative, patriotic, family-oriented, pro-life folks. And the Democratic Party is going after ’em. And what they’re going after them with is this: ‘Come, come. Come to government. Let me make you dependent upon me. I will give you free contraception. I will do everything for you. Come be dependent upon me.’ Folks, that’s the battle, and it all is placed perfectly: ‘Oh, what a gift from the Almightly.’ It’s all placed perfectly in this issue of Obamacare.”

    Walsh did not discuss what effect Obamacare might have on the work ethic of whites or Asians.

    After the meeting, Walsh held a short press conference with conservative bloggers from Publis Forum, Marathon Pundit and Illinois Review, at which he reiterated that he is a Tea Party conservative first, a Republican second.

    “The Republican Party has been complicit in the downfall of Illinois…they don’t stand for any ideas," he said. "They’re a machine party. This state wouldn’t improve at all if we put the Republicans now in Springfield in charge. They don’t understand things like limited government and cutting taxes and get of rid of regulations. The Republican Party needs to be cleansed for us to have any hope in this state… The Republican establishment doesn’t love me. They don’t love me in Washington and they don’t like me here.”

    Asked whether he plans to run for governor or senator in 2014, Walsh responded, “I’ve got the race of my life, and it’s gonna be tough, because they drew a really difficult district, but as you saw here, something’s going on. After everything I’ve been through, there’s something going on, so wherever it takes me, it takes me.”