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WWLDN: What Will Lisa Do Now?



    After the long slow tease of more than one year, which certainly helped her campaign coffers, Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she will run for re-election. But that doesn’t keep political junkies from wondering – will she run for the US Senate in 2016 against GOP Sen. Mark Kirk?

    Not likely says insiders. She’d be starting with zero campaign dollars. She can’t take her $4.9 million campaign fund and turn it into federal money without a lot of red tape. She’d have to certify that those millions meet federal guidelines, and it’s a rather messy process. Other insiders don’t see her as a DC kind of pol and think she’d rather stay right here in Illinois.

    So, how about running against Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2015. She CAN use those big bucks for that race. Would she dare to oppose the mayor? At least one poltical strategist thinks she doesn’t have the usual political persona and another theorizes Lisa Madigan “doesn’t have the stomach” to oppose Emanuel. Would Mayor Emanuel crush her? Maybe not. Then again those strategists say for someone who is so risk adverse, it’s kind of amazing she ever ran in the first place.