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Spare the Rod



    Spare the Rod
    Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich smiles at a supporter as he departs the federal courthouse after his defense team rested without calling any witnesses in his federal corruption trial Wednesday, July 21, 2010 in Chicago.

    Just 54 percent of registered voters think it's a good idea to retry Rod Blagojevich on 23 counts of corruption.

    That's the conclusion of Tribune pollsters who asked 600 Illinoisans if they agreed with U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's decision to begin a new trial after the first one ended largely with indecision. 

    About 37 percent of those asked said they disagreed with the decision and 10 percent just don't give a rat's behind.

    The numbers flip significantly when viewed from a regional perspective. In Chicago, just 35 percent of voters agree with the decision to retry. 51 percent don't .

    In Cook County 54 percent agree. And in the collar counties 57 percent agree.

    The agreement splits down party lines, too. A slight majority of Illinois Democrats disagree with a retrial, while 70 percent of Republicans want to see Blago retried.

    The margin of error for the poll was +/- 4 percent. Which means it could be a fifty/fifty split among Illinois voters. Fitzgerald can't be happy with a split decision.

    Read the whole report in the Chicago Tribune.