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@MayorEmanuel Lost Invaluable Cool



    @MayorEmanuel Lost Invaluable Cool

    Think back to Monday morning. Remember how cool it was to imagine who @MayorEmanuel was on Twitter?

    Now we know it's Dan Sinker.

    Isn't life boring now?

    This is a development on par to learning your parents were Santa Claus all along. That little bit of magic in your life just went up in smoke. There are no rogue elves hiding in Rahm's suit pockets, tweeting out the things he thinks but does not say (publicly).

    @MayorEmanuel Revealed

    [CHI] Sinker: "I Knew It Was Going to Come Out"
    In a sit-down interview, Dan Sinker -- @MayorEmanuel on Twitter -- talks about when he realized he was doing "a thing" and how it all came to an end.
    (Published Wednesday, June 22, 2011)

    Boring! Lame! Uncool!

    Look at Banksy. Here's a guy who roams the planet creating mind-bending graffiti. No one knows who he is or where to find him. He's a mythic creature at this point. Banksy is cool.

    Then there's Deep Throat. Remember how much fun we had obsessing over who that was? Thirty-one years after he blew up the Nixon administration, we learned it was a guy named Mark Felt

    Imagine "All the President's Men" where Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman run into a dude named Mark Felt in a garage. Who wants to see that movie? "Hi, I'm Mark Felt. Here is a bunch of evidence. Bye!"

    Maybe Dan Sinker will cash in on those offers for charitable donations. But you can't put a price on cool. And Sinker just blew it.