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Opinion: The Jewish Corleones



    In his softball interview with the Brothers Emanuel on Rock Center, NBC News anchor Brian Williams called the trio “the Jewish Kennedys,” because of their success in entertainment, medicine and politics.

    After watching the latest interview with Ezekiel Emanuel, I’m thinking Williams should have called them the Jewish Corleones. In size, temperament and birth order, Rahm certainly has a lot in common with Michael Corleone, the ruthless don played by Al Pacino in all three Godfather movies. When Zeke went on HuffPost Live to promote his book, Brothers Emanuel, host Abby Huntsman asked him about the Chicago Teachers’ Union's resistance to Rahm’s proposed school closings.
    Huntsman: "Now, your brother is in the thick of things, mayor of Chicago. We all know what's going on with the schools, 52 [sic] schools closing down. A risky—a big decision he made, to go against the teacher's unions...now, you're someone who had to fight with your brothers growing up. If you had to give advice to the teachers unions—?"
    Zeke: “Give in now. Rahm will win. He always does win...He is very committed to making the lives of children better."
    Zeke (later in the interview): "You’re not going to beat him...You can bang your head against the wall, but Rahm is pretty tough.” 
    Obviously, one of the lessons the Emanuel boys learned from their parents is that they are masters of the universe, and the rest of the world had better bend their will…or else. Karen Lewis should worry about waking up with the head of Jean-Claude Brizard in her bed.