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The Five Worst Chicago Accents



     1.The Geico Gecko: This isn’t even an imitation of a Chicago accent; it’s imitation of an imitation -- a take-off on the Saturday Night Live “Superfans” sketch which introduced Chicagoese to the masses.


    2. Louis Mustillo, Mike & Molly: Mustillo grew up in Buffalo, so he has a start on a Midwestern accent, but his portrayal of Vince is too whiny and high-pitched to be effective. And the entire show repeats the stereotype that Chicagoans are obese, abrasive carnivores. At least According to Jim did that with a genuine local.

    3. The Regular Guy, WXRT: The adult contemporary radio station’s movie reviewer has spent over 20 years using an everyman voice that sounds like no one you’ve ever met. Listen to his podcast here.

    4. Jason Sudeikis as Rod Blagojevich, Saturday Night Live: After Blago was arrested, Sudeikis portrayed him with a bad wig and an even worse accident.

    5. Ald. Tim Cullerton: Just because it’s authentic--the Cullertons, one of Chicago’s oldest Irish families, invented the Chicago accent--doesn’t make it easy to listen to.