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The 11 Biggest Quinn-sults and Rauner Rips From Monday's Debate

The Illinois governor candidates whip out their most toxic put-downs in their final sparring match before Election Day.



    The 11 Biggest Quinn-sults and Rauner Rips From Monday's Debate

    Democratic Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican opponent Bruce Rauner squared off Monday night in their final debate before the Nov. 4 election. Per usual in this wildly hostile, closely matched gubernatorial showdown, things got more than a little testy as the two attacked each other's leadership skills and moral character. Eleven of their most toxic Quinn-sults and Rauner rips, from the F-word to the B-word and everything in between:

    1. "He's a failure. Governor Quinn has failed. He's failed on what matters. ... Pat Quinn has been a disaster." — Rauner, dropping the F-word with merciless abandon.

    2. "Pat Quinn's a PHONY."

    3. "He's a champion name caller." — Quinn, on his rival's nonstop failure-and-phony disses.

    4. "I'm running against a billionaire. ... Savage, radical, extreme cuts." — Quinn, deploying his favorite B-word to cast Rauner as an out-of-touch Mr. Burns cartoon villain.

    5. "We have a massive economic failure in Illinois. Gov. Quinn, he’s running on scare tactics. ... The truth is Illinois is failing on jobs, failing on taxes." — Rauner.

    6. "You’ve got to take on hard things, tough things, on behalf of the common good. My opponent is all about easy street." — Quinn.

    7. "He's a phony on the minimum wage. He's playing political football." — Rauner.

    8. "He has a plan to give himself a million-dollar tax cut while slashing the education budget of this state. I’m against giving tax cuts to the wealthy and hurting our schools.” — Quinn.

    9. "Let me be clear, you don’t judge a person’s heart by the size of their wallet." — Rauner.

    10. "You are taking the African American vote for granted. You had a superstar who could have been your lieutenant governor: Stephanie Neely." — Rauner, referencing the outgoing Chicago Treasurer, who resigned her post for a job in the private sector.

    11. "My question is 'Where’d ya look?'" — Quinn, addressing Rauner's past remarks that his private equity firm had not hired African-Americans because he couldn't find any who were qualified.