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Solis Hangs on to Power in Pilsen



    Incumbent Ald. Danny Solis (25th) managed to stave off a challenge from up-and-comer Cuahutemoc Morfin and hang on to power in Pilsen. 

    He did it by changing his stance on power at the Fisk Generating Station.

    After the February elections proved that Solis was vulnerable, he decided to alter his stance against cleaning up the polluting plant and pledged to vote for a law that would force the power generator to clean up its act.

    "I saw it as a redundant ordinance, based on what we had already presented," Solis said. “I tried to present it to my constituents that way, but obviously, they felt like it had to be addressed again.”

    In congratulating Solis in his win Tuesday, Morfin celebrated his opponent's change in position on the plant.

    "Thanks to the pressure we were able to place on Ald. Solis through this election and through the runoff, he was forced to change his position on the Clean Power Ordinance. ... ," he said in a statement.  "These are not small victories. Through this election, we showed what real political power means."

    As a result of Solis' support, the Clean Power Ordinance may now have enough votes to pass the City Council.

    Aldermen are reluctant to meddle in another ward, and many were holding back their votes because of Solis' opposition.

    With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Solis took the vote 54 percent of the vote against Morfin. Election Returns