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Simon Ribeiro

Democratic Party Candidate for the 9th Congressional District.



    The Candidate: Simon Ribeiro 

    The Race: Democratic Party Candidate for the 9th Congressional District.

    The Competition:Janice D. Schakowsky

    The Buzz: Simon Ribeiro currently teaches History, Economics and Journalism at Gordon Tech High School, a Chicago Catholic college-prep school.  He was nominated to Congress in 2010, but failed to unseat Rep. Schakowsky.  He says his priority issues are Jobs, Healthcare, and Education. He wants to create a business environment more conducive for job creation (by lowering taxes and regulations), and wants to create a free, high-quality healthcare system.

    Ribeiro wants to improve education by making it tuition-free and more relevant to life skills and the working world.  He believes that marijuana should be legalized and managed like cigarettes or alcohol. He also supports some of Ron Paul's main ideas, like auditing and reforming the Federal Reserve System and withdrawing our military forces from Afghanistan and other conflicts.