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Should We Care About Blago Trial Part 2?



    Here we go again.

    The buffoonish Cabbage Patch-faced ex-governor heads to a retrial. It's the sequel to a movie we never wanted to see in the first place.

    In an interview with the Sun-Times, Rod Blagojevich makes an appeal to all you potential jurors in the house. He's scared for his daughters.

    That fear should have kept him in line when he was in office.

    Instead, a rampant hubris led him to (allegedly) try to sell off a Senate seat and (allegedly) shake down a children's hospital among (allegedly) thousands (allegedly) of other (allegedly) allegedly allegedly allegedly.

    We have audiotapes of him acting like Don Corleone in Napoleon's body with the brain from one of the "Home Alone" burglars. There is evidence. Stacks of it. So much evidence, the last jury's collective mind shut down and they just froze. Hung.

    Back to the drawing board.

    Rod Blagojevich needs to go down and he needs to go down hard. You need to know that if you abuse your office, you are going to feel the wrath of God come down upon you. Our state can't afford more corrupt politicians than we already have.

    So I say let Blago be the example. Put images of his face in every political office in the state. "This could be you," he'll say with those puppy dog eyes. "Don't take the money. Don't get greedy. Just do your job. Help the people. Or you will end up like me."

    Rod Blagojevich should be worried about his daughters. He screwed up their home state pretty badly.

    Ben Bowman slaves away in the NBC Chicago overnight news mines with only a pick axe and a nervous-looking canary. You can follow him on Twitter @BowmanInc.