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Sanguinetti Went After Government Agencies for 2007 Slip and Fall

Gubernatorial running mate filed $100,000 lawsuit over ice at Wheaton train station



    Via Rich Miller at Capital Fax, Jon Zahm uncovered a lawsuit Bruce Rauner’s running mate Evelyn Sanguinetti filed against no less than six government agencies seeking $100,000 after she slipped and fell on a patch of ice at a Wheaton train station:

    In 2007, Sanguinetti filed a lawsuit against her hometown of Wheaton, her home county of DuPage, METRA, Union Pacific Railroad, the Illinois Prairie Path Corporation, and the DuPage County Dept. of Transportation.

    [W]hat did these entities do to Evelyn to receive the wrath of her six count lawsuit?

    Let me use exact words from her suit filed on her behalf by Chicago lawyer Ronald Stearney, Jr.:

“Allowed and permitted said sidewalk where pedestrians walked and frequently and necessarily used to enter and exit the College Avenue Train Station to remain, when said Defendant knew or should have known that said sidewalk caused an unnatural accumulation of water, snow, ice or other dangerous substances, which in turn posed a dangerous condition, especially to the Plaintiff Evelyn R. Sanguinetti.”

    As both Miller and Zahm point out, it’s difficult not to see Sanguinetti’s decision to sue as contradictory to her and running mate Bruce Rauner’s message of smaller government and lower taxes, especially since frivolous lawsuits drive up the cost of doing business for everyone in the state.

    But, then again, many political figures can experience difficulty in seeing the difference between what happens to them personally and their ideas about how to fix government.

    The question is whether voters can also see the difference come Election Day, I guess.