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Rock, Roll and Romney



    Now that he's been endorsed by Meat Loaf, Mitt Romney's campaign has a real playlist. Here are some of the rock -- and country -- stars who love Romney.

    DONNY OSMOND: Fellow Mormon Osmond was the first entertainer to jump on Romney's bandwagon, saying “I think it’s been absolutely wonderful for the Mormon Church to have Mitt out there.” 

    KID ROCK: Kid Rock endorsed Romney at a rally in their shared home state of Michigan. In return, Romney quoted Rock by calling himself a "son of Detroit" during Monday's foreign policy debate. 

    MEAT LOAF: Mr. Loaf unexpectedly appeared onstage during a Romney rally in Defiance, Ohio, declaring, “This is the most important election in the history of the United States, because there has storm clouds come over the United States." 

    JOHN RICH: Rich hosted the "Musicians for Mitt" rally at which Meat Loaf appeared. Rich is best known for the song "Shuttin' Detroit Down" -- which, ironically, is what Romney would have done if he's had his way and the auto industry had been allowed to go bankrupt. 

    DAVE MUSTAINE: The Megadeth singer says Barack Obama staged the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting and the Sikh temple massacre in Wisconsin to create a pretext for taking away Americans' guns.