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Robin Kelly Releases Gun Control Video



    Second Congressional District candidate Robin Kelly is out with a video and a petition on gun control.

    The video, titled "Enough," begins with a montage of news reports on mass shootings: Columbine, Northern Illinois University, Gabrielle Giffords, Aurora movie theater, Sandy Hook. That’s followed by local news reports of shooting in towns in the Second District: Harvey, Calumet City, Kankakee.
    “The first bill I introduced as state representative banned straw man purchases of deadly weapons, stopping criminals from using others to buy their guns for them, and yet our courts vote to allow concealed weapons in our schools and near our parks,” Kelly says. “Politicians look the other way as weapons intended for the battlefield get into our streets, and the NRA proposes measures that would turn our schools into armed camps.”
    This is followed by Kelly’s five-point plan on gun control.
    1. Pass a strong, comprehensive ban on assault weapons.
    2. Eliminate the gun show loophole.
    3. Ban the use of high capacity ammunition magazines.
    4. Refuse support from organizations that oppose gun safety legislation.
    5. Support bans on concealed carry.
    Kelly also has a petition, at, asking Congress to adopt all five measures. Ward Room is trying to get an interview with Kelly. If and when we do, we’ll bring you more of her thoughts on guns.