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Road Builder Admits Blago Pressured Him



    Road Builder Admits Blago Pressured Him
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    Illinois Roadbuilders Association Chief Gerald Krozel admitted on Tuesday that shortly after Rod Blagojevich's arrest, he told the FBI he never felt pressured to raise money for the governor, in exchange for a big tollway project.

    That's a different story than the one Krozel, the government's star witness on that alleged shakedown attempt, told on stand during the first trial.

    He had earlier testified that even as the governor was telling him of the massive new road-building program, he was pressured to help raise thousands of dollars for the Blagojevich campaign fund.

    "If I didn't raise any money, I was afraid there wouldn't be a tollway built."

    The FBI knocked on Krozel's door within minutes of the governor's arrest Dec. 9, 2008. Krozel admitted on cross-examination that he told agents that morning he never felt approval of the tollway project depended on his fundraising efforts.

    "They terrified me!" Krozel said. "I just hope nobody goes through what I had to go through."

    Krozel said he was concerned about his sick wife upstairs, and that he lied during the interview to get it over with.

    "I just wanted to get them out of my house!"