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Rauner Ad With Wife Pushes New Bipartisan Platform

Rauner finds common ground with his Democratic wife Diana.



    Bruce Rauner and his wife want you to believe he's above party politics. 

    Now that Rauner has clinched the GOP Nomination for Illinois Governor nomination, he's showing voters that he plans to work with -- or against - both parties, equally. His proof? 

    His relationship with his wife Diana, who appeared in a light-hearted television advertisement with her husband.

    "I'm pragmatic," Bruce Rauner says, sitting on a couch next to Diana.

    "He's cheap," Diana says.

    "We don't agree on everything."

    "Like politics."

    Diana Rauner is a lifelong Democrat, but she says she'll vote for her husband because she knows he will work with both parties.

    This marks a shift in Rauner's campaign platform prior to the primary election on March 18. Previously, he campaigned on the slogan to "shake up Springfield" with his business acumen and right-wing opposition to Illinois's Democrats, like current Governor Pat Quinn.

    Rauner's new ad doesn't feature the words "shake up Springfield" at all. Nor does he really mention his political ideology, except to say he's a Republican followed by Diana's statement that she's a Democrat.

    Even before the primary election, Rauner had some left-leaning views on social issues, which were downplayed during his campaign leading up to the primary election. He is not staunchly against gay marriage, saying it should be left up to the voters. He has also said he supports the woman's right to choose an abortion.

    In the ad, Rauner does not single out his Democratic opponent -- or any Illinois Democrats -- but he does retain some of his shake-up spirit.

    "(I will) drive the career politicians nuts. I will. I'll drive them nuts," Bruce Rauner says.

    "I know, honey. I know," Diana Rauner says.