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"Rahm's Way": The Outtakes



    If Monday night’s “Rock Center” profile of Mayor Rahm Emanuel wasn’t long enough for you, NBC has posted outtakes from the shooting on its website. Here’s some of what the network didn’t air from the time Harry Smith spent following the mayor around Chicago.

    • The word “peripatetic”: In the first draft of the script, Smith described Emanuel as “peripatetic,” which means “moving from place to place.” It was the right description, but words longer than three syllables are too complicated for TV audiences.
    • Emanuel winked at a staff member during a meeting. That’s more proof of the “soft side” that NBC did everything to bring out, short of actually filming Emanuel using soft focus lenses.
    • On an "L" ride, Emanuel chatted with a commuter who handed him an envelope. What was inside? A resume. The woman had recently earned her Certified Public Accountant’s license and wanted a job with the city. Emanuel promised to get her an interview.
    • Emanuel wanted to do the sit-down interview in a fire station, while sitting in front of a pumper. NBC wasn’t crazy about the idea. Why? As it turned out, NBC’s trepidation was validated when a fire call came over the intercom, halting the conversation between Emanuel and Smith.
    • Watch here to see just how candid Emanuel can be … when he knows a national TV crew is filming him.


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