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Rahm's Renter Drops Out



    Rahm's Renter Drops Out
    Rob Halpin

    That was short lived.

    Rod Halpin, the businessman who rents Rahm Emanuel's North Side home and planned to run against him for Mayor of Chicago, has ended his upstart bid.

    “As of today, I am officially ending my candidacy for Mayor," Halpin said in a releas, citing financial and legal hurdles. "It is my sincere hope that, as a city, we come together to address the difficult choices ahead. Although I will not run in 2011, I plan to continue to do all I can, working with both the public and private sectors, to help bring jobs and opportunities to the citizens of Chicago, who have long lost jobs to the suburbs and collar counties.

    “I have no plans to either endorse or work against any current candidates and have faith that the voters of Chicago will make the right choice in electing new leadership. Should circumstances ever dictate the need for new leadership, I would remain open to the idea of running in the future when I can more fully put together a campaign capable of bringing real, ethical, responsive leadership and vision to the City."

    Halpin's bid ran into trouble immediately after reports surfaced about potentially ill-gotten signatures.

    Halpin's spokesman Bernie DiMaeo says "financial matters - too expensive and legal matters" proved too difficult. 

    When Halpin was asked if he would be moving out of his Rahm Emanuel's house sooner than June 1 he said "no comment."

    State Sen. James Meeks, who's been linked to Halpin through a signature flap, says he's never spoken t to the man but he hopes he can get whatever support Halpin had.