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Opinion: Rahm's Big Book Tour



    Mayor Rahm Emanuel will join his brothers Ari and Zeke in a promotional tour for Zeke’s upcoming book, Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family. The memoir is the inside story of how three abrasive young men from Wilmette made it big in politics, medicine and Hollywood.

    According to the Post’s “Reliable Source” column:
    Get ready — the Emanuel boys are are finally taking their show on the road. They’re the hottest brother act since the Kennedys: tougher than the Mannings, smarter than the Baldwins, more profane than the Sheens. 

    The trio will lead the publicity juggernaut for the book, which comes out in late March. First an excerpt in Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue with a photo spread by Annie Leibovitz, strategic TV appearances and other supersecret interviews. 
    I can understand why the mayor wants to help promote his brother’s book -- Zeke sounds like the only member of the family who’s not a jerk. (In fact, he wrote, “The impatient, pushy Emanuel style is so well known that during a recent job interview I was asked, point-blank, whether I had the levelheaded temperament the position required.”)

    But this is about more than helping a brother out. This is about burnishing the family’s legend, and by extension his own, which will help with whatever endeavor he pursues after the mayoralty. As the leader of a city whose violence is out of control, to the point where a woman was gunned down on Lake Shore Drive this morning, he should be staying in Chicago working, rather than running around the country bragging.